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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


"Joe Ide is the best new discovery I've come across in a long time. And Isiah Quintabe is the kind of sleuth not seen on the mystery landscape before. Righteous is a riveting follow-up to IQ"
Michael Connelly 

"I don't know how fast Joe Ide writes, but from now on he'll have to write faster. . . . This is one of the most intriguing -- and appealing-- detective characters to come along in years"
Carl Hiaasen, author of Razor Girl

"Aggressively entertaining plotting is paired with the kind of dialogue for which readers love Don Winslow. This series is a Los Angeles classic right from the start"
Janet Maslin, New York Times. 

"A spicy mix of urban horror, youthful striving, and show-business absurdity. His IQ is a original and welcome creation"

Patrick Anderson, Washington Post.

"Joe Ide is a bad man. . . . So hellaciously entertaining, deep moving, and electrifying alive that you'll want to read IQ twice"
Lou Berney, Edgar award-winning author of The Long And Faraway Gone.

"Joe Ide is the best new writer I've encountered in recent years. IQ is a terrific book with an unexpected story, whose lead character has great potential for a series"
John Sandford, author of Extreme Prey 

"IQ is one of the freshest and liveliest crime novels I have read in years. His debut heralds an exciting new voice in American crime fiction" 
Adrian McKinty, author of Gun Street Girl 

". . . like Conan Doyle as channelled through Martin Scorsese. It's a terrific book" 
Stephen Hunter, author of Sniper's Honor

". . . Ide's voice is assured and authentic, and his hero is an original"
Peter Spiegelman, author of Thick As Thieves

"Joe Ide has that rarest of writerly skills -- a wholly unique voice, one that is at once irreverent and compelling, moving and incisive. IQ will become a reader favourite. It will get glowing reviews. It will be nominated for awards. let me save you waiting around for the word of mouth to reach you--buy this book now,"
Gregg Hurwitz, author of Orphan X

". . . Joe Ide knows his way around the meanest streets of LA and leads the reader down them in this fast and funny debut that put me in mind of the great Chester Himes"
Richard Lange, author of Angel baby

"Wow! This crime novel has it all: a truly unusual hero, a fast paced plot, vivid characters, great dialogue, tremendous energy, acute observations, a sharp sense of humour, and a touching finale."
John Verdon, author or Wolf Lake

"It's hard to think of an early career novelist generating more excitement than Joe Ide right now."
Literary Hub

"A consulting Detective for a time and a place that need one."
Jason Sheehan, NPR

"Ide keeps “Righteous” on a righteous path of compelling storytelling, allowing his characters to flourish while exploring the worst of human nature.
Never once does “Righteous” go over the top as Ide keeps each plot point chillingly realistic."
 AP News


"These are books and authors I would like to emulate: The Tin Roof Blowdown by James Lee Burke, In the Woods by Tana French, and IQ by Joe Ide."
Michael Connelly

"Isaiah ‘IQ’ Quintabe, the young African-American private investigator featured in Joe Ide’s series of novels, is something of a genius"
The Wall Street Journal

"Joe Ide opens “Wrecked,” the third book in his blazing IQ series, with the novelist’s equivalent of a stun gun"
The New York Times

"IQ's tender intelligence and his tight moral compass are what makes this series so stirring"
Attica Locke

"Read, enjoy and then impatiently wait around for the next one like the rest of us"
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"Isaiah Quintabe remains an engaging, fascinating protagonist, but there are signs here that he’s becoming more an action hero than a puzzle solver. The world has plenty of action heroes—but nowhere near enough street-wise intellects to serve as role models"
Kirkus Reviews

"Joe Ide’s IQ novels are an electrifying combination of Holmesian mystery and SoCal grit"
Time Magazine

""Savor the freshness, vividness and ingenuity of the author's prose. . . . There are real truths hidden in the entertainment. . . . Hit men, henchmen, bagmen—they all wander in and out of a highly diverting book that crackles with life and vividness."

Sarah Lyall, New York Times

"Engrossing . . . IQ's cases have become more complex, the stakes raised for the African American detective and a cast of regular characters who give the series an unexpected warmth. . . . The author is skilled at developing the humanity of every character, regardless of their perspective. It's a hallmark of Ide's evolving style that allows Hi Five to stand on its own for first-time readers, even as the series deepens longtime fans' engagement. . . . Hi Five succeeds on so many fronts as it sets IQ and the series' characters on an uncertain path down darker roads."

Los Angeles Times

"Mr. Ide is a remarkable writer, inhabiting the personae and rendering the back stories of a diverse assortment of characters... Hi Five more than earns its triumphant title."

Wall Street Journal

"Buy Hi Five by the great Joe Ide, the latest in his brilliant series about Isaiah Quintabe, a modern Sherlock Holmes from Long Beach, Calif. Trust me on this: There's nobody out there right now better than Joe Ide."

New York Daily News

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